Dr. David Beam – Executive Director of CPEP – reflects on the growth and accomplishments made over the summer with an intern

Mike Retano – Pathways teacher and CPEP mentor – with CPEP 2017 intern Shayla Harrison








CPEP joined Hartford business professionals at the Pathways Internship Appreciation event to engage with the interns from this past summer, and to honor those that were nominated for awards by their mentors. Of the 19 nominated, two were students of the CPEP Hartford Ventures Program: Joshua Rodriguez received ‘Most Improved’ and Shayla Harrison received ‘Top Contributor’.

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of the interns, CPEP was presented with an Outstanding Partner Award by Pathways for its contribution to deliver programs that prepare our students for college and career. John Griffin, Adelle Clark and Michael Retano were presented with Certificates of Appreciation for being recognized as the CPEP mentors who made it all happen over the summer.

Internships are an integral part of workforce developmentĀ  as they allow students to learn critical skills, explore interests, and form partnerships where they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity. Not only is it beneficial to the student’s pathway to success, but it refreshes the organization’s perspective and enriches the employees who can share their expertise.

CPEP would like to thank Pathways Academy of Technology & Design for your continued partnership with our organization to bring Internship Programs to the underrepresented students of greater Hartford, as well as John, Adelle, and Michael for their direct impact in working with the interns to create brighter futures.


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