Program Overview

The Afterschool STEM Challenge is a project-based learning experience for middle-school students in participating schools across CT. Participation in the program provides relevant and rigorous academic enrichment as well as a host of critical 21st century competencies, including team building and critical thinking. The program is guided by a certified teacher at each school and supported by CPEP staff, volunteers and mentors.

The After School Challenge is currently offered in the following schools and districts:

Bridgeport - Thomas Hooker School, Classical Studies Magnet Academy//Bristol - Northeast Middle School//Danbury - Broadview Middle School//Hartford - Annie Fisher STEM School, Burr Elementary//Meriden - Thomas Edison Magnet School//New Britain - Slade Middle School, DiLoreto Magnet School//New Haven - Engineering and Science University Magnet School//Norwalk - Nathan Hale Middle School, Ponus Ridge Middle School, Roton Middle School, West Rocks Middle School, Side By Side Charter School//Stamford - Dolan Middle School, Scofield Magnet School, Turn of River Middle School//Waterbury - North End Middle School, Duggan Elementary School, Wallace Middle School

Enrollment is during the month of September. If your child attends one of the listed schools and is interested in participating, they can obtain a permission slip from the teacher at the beginning of the school year.

2016-2017 Program Year Cumulative Stats

802 students joined with a 90% retention rate         16% African American/18% Caucasian/10% Asian/35% Hispanic/21% Other   48% male/52% female           11% increase in STEM assessment scores      37 teachers ran the program in 23 different schools across 10 districts