Program Overview

The CPEP Summer Ventures Program employs urban high school students to think like entrepreneurs in a business environment. While developing entrepreneurial and innovative thinking skills they are also reducing summer learning loss and improving academic performance.

CPEP Summer Ventures begins in June and runs approximately five weeks. The interviewing and recruitment process is done by the program site director during the month of May.

There are currently four sites where Ventures is offered:

East Hartford - Pathways Academy of Technology & Design//New Britain - Slade Middle School//New Haven - Wilbur Cross//Danbury - Danbury Museum

2017 New Britain Ventures Highlights

Over the course of five weeks, the New Britain Ventures team - consisting of 10 high school students and three college students - manufactured parts for the 2017-2018 Afterschool Program kits and designed, tested, and manufactured a Simple Machine kit to be introduced this year. The Simple Machine kit incorporates all six simple machines in a creative and fun way that allows middle school students to not only learn about the concepts but to recognize where simple machines are used in day to day life. In addition, the interns partnered with Travelers to laser-cut and package 500 key chains and manufactured awards for Boehringer Ingelheim.

 10% male // 90% female         20% African American// 20% Caucasian // 10% Asian // 50% Hispanic

 100% retention rate and 95% attendance rate


2017 Hartford Ventures Highlights

The 29 high school interns of Hartford Ventures spent the Summer transforming the skills they learned in Digital Media and Advanced Manufacturing into professional-grade products for clients such as NFTE, Yard Goats Stadium, and Stanley Black and Decker. The Digital Media team gained hands-on experience with video production, editing, and website development, while the Advanced Manufacturing team used state of the art 3D printing and laser-cutting technology to design and manufacture awards and gifts. The interns also had the opportunity to visit WFSB and Asnuntuck Community College's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center. 

 62% male // 38% female  66% African American // 10% Caucasian // 4% Asian // 20% Hispanic

 100% retention rate and 97% attendance rate  10 Pathways students // 7 High School Inc. students // 12 Academy of Engineering Green Tech students


2017 New Haven Ventures Highlights

CPEP partnered with Springwall Learning Solutions for a second Summer to build an inexpensive robotics kit. The objective of the kit was to be designed for middle school students as an affordable opportunity for them to learn about robotics. 15 high school interns - under the direction of three college interns and a certified teacher - worked in four teams to improve upon the (Yo)unity Bot 2.0 design from last Summer, referencing the feedback provided by the students and teachers from the 2016-2017 Afterschool year. In doing so, they developed the (Yo)unity Bot 3.0 paired with a mobile app to control the robot. In addition to acquiring entrepreneurial and workforce development skills, the interns developed skills in public relations, electrical engineering, programming, and mechanical engineering.

67% male // 33% female       48% African American // 26% Caucasian // 26% Hispanic

100% retention rate with 92% attendance rate

2017 Danbury Ventures Highlights

Entrepreneurship was a big focus for the 23 high school interns this Summer at Danbury Ventures as they worked on small business teams to design a product that could be implemented to consumers. They followed the product design process of brainstorming and research, feasibility, and testing for successful launch. They also learned EVM (Earned Value Management) to measure costs and project schedule. The interns delegated roles within their teams, had meetings and phone calls with consumers in their respective market, and upon completion of the program held a Shark Tank styled session to pitch their products to CPEP and funders.

30% male // 70% female    17% African American // 22% Caucasian // 22% Asian // 30% Hispanic // 9% Other

 100% retention rate with 97% attendance rate